Utilizing Iron Sentry™ Urethanes

  • Roof prepped and cleaned ready for Iron Sentry sealer application. The weathered surface will be completely restored. Heat reduction and minimizing roof movement helps to extend roof and substrate lifetime. The extreme visual uniformity of the roof surface makes detection and repair of any damage easy and inexpensive

Free Roof Inspection | $500 Value

Iron Sentry 121 sealer application eliminates seams, fiercely adheres, toughens and permanently waterproofs the aging cap-sheet surface rendering the roof sustainable and maintainable.

Iron Sentry™ 1535B Aliphatic White Top Coat
radiant barrier is applied to complete the installation.                                                                                                             Extremely tough but flexible, highly reflective, UV and   ponding water resistant, it is a walkable surface, tightly adhered. Renewed at 10 year or longer intervals it can extend roof life by many decades of service.


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